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Appearance protection testimonial

What is Appearance Protection?

Everybody wants their car to look as good as new. That's the beauty of Appearance Protection, keeping your vehicle looking great inside and out by applying products directly to the vehicle's exterior and interior surfaces to protect and maintain the quality and appearance of the vehicle.

How this plan helps you

With this protection, spills, splatters and everyday mishaps can be more easily removed before they become permanent stains on the vehicle's interior and, advanced sunscreens and penetrating conditioners will maintain your leather, and the vehicles exterior paint will maintain its "new" car shine.

Appearance Coverage

  • Paint Protection protects your vehicle from the effects of acid rain, spotting, fading, oxidation, and loss of gloss.
  • Fabric Protection protects the interior fabric by preventing stains and discoloration allowing for quick and easy clean up.
  • Leather Protection inhibits UV damage, drying and the loss of soft, supple texture, fading, discoloration, staining, premature aging and cracking, rips, tears and burns.

Key Features

  • Smooth's the properties of the paint to protect against the effects of bird dropping, tree sap, industrial fallout, insects, and road salts.
  • Seals individual fibers to resist permanent staining.
  • Application of conditioners to interior leather help maintain the new appearance and soft, supple texture.


  • Product Guarantee provides repair or replacement of covered damage.
  • Worry-free, easy Maintenance.
  • Preserves the quality and appearance of the vehicle's exterior and interior.
  • Zero deductible for repairs.
  • Nationwide service.

Coverage Exclusions May Apply

All transactions related to the optional Appearance Protection product are governed solely by the provisions of the Guarantee. This site provides general information about the Appearance Protection product and should be solely relied upon when purchasing coverage. Please refer to the Appearance Protection Guarantee for details of terms and conditions, and specific coverage details, including limitations and exclusions.