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Look Out, The 290-Horsepower VW Golf GTI TCR Is Coming

The Volkswagen Golf GTI has long been an enthusiast favorite, and now we've learned that the company is planning to release a version inspired by its TCR International Series race car, the Golf GTI TCR.

While the Golf R - with its tenacious all-wheel drive and 292-horsepower turbo mill - will remain the baddest vehicle wearing a Golf badge, the TCR version sounds pretty intriguing. First, with 290 ponies on tap, it'll have nearly as much power as it's older sibling, but all the poke will be funneled exclusively to the front wheels.

And there's also the exterior to consider. Given that it's based on something as aggressive as the TCR race car, it's likely we'll see some of the same cues in the road-going version - even if they aren't quite as pronounced as they are for its battle-ready brethren. In our opinion? The closer they can get to the car in these photos, the better.

Unfortunately, it's an open question as to whether American buyers will get a chance to buy one of these white-hot hatches, but we'll likely know more after the production vehicle is officially unveiled at the Germany's Wörthersee Tour next week. For a look at the weapons-grade version of the Golf GTI race car in action, check out the video below. And to see why enthusiasts gush about the Golf, head to your local AutoNation Volkswagen dealer to arrange a test drive.